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Three Points Ranch Facility Rental


Effective January 1, 2015

Rental Rates for Group Events











*Holidays are priced as Saturday event in same season*



Rental Period: We schedule only one event per day. The rental period is eight (8) hours, with the standard being from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Hourly rates for longer or shorter periods (family reunions, BBQ parties, etc.) are available — just contact us to request a quote and availability.


Included Service, Coordination and Planning: The Three Points Ranch staff will be available to you and your vendors to answer questions as needed by phone and email. The facility rental rate includes a one-hour meeting with our staff to help you plan your event, and the space is freely available for your vendor visits on a scheduled basis. For events that include wedding ceremonies, the rental rate includes a complimentary one-hour time slot for ceremony rehearsal prior to the day of the event. The rental rate also includes one parking attendant, if necessary. For events with more than 150 attendees, at least one extra parking attendant or security personnel is required at the renter’s expense. One additional attendant must be hired per every 50 people beyond 150.


Recycling: As we are committed to reducing the human impact on the environment, we require the separation of all reusable materials from your event for recycling. We’ll provide clearly marked recycling receptacles and volunteer to recycle all of these separated materials in bulk (including glass, aluminum, cardboard, and certain plastics). We offer our onsite dumpster to caterers who help comply with these recycling policies – something your caterers will really appreciate.


Not Included in the Rental Rate:


Equipment: The Three Points Ranch does not provide tents, tables, chairs, linens, or other equipment for any private events over thirty people in number. For events of less than thirty people (and only for these events) tables and chairs are included in the rental price. We are happy to provide a quote via one of our local rental partners that estimates your exact equipment needs, but as an estimate, a basic table and chair configuration to seat 150 for dinner at the Pavilion and Barn would cost around $425 (estimate includes 150 white folding chairs, 19 x 60” rounds seating 8 each, delivery/pickup, and damage recovery insurance).


Extra Coordination and Planning: We are happy to refer for hire event and day-of event coordinators who we’ve worked with previously. Coordinators in this role typically manage the scheduling of vendors and day-of-event deliveries, coordinate the setup and strike on the day of the event, and perform similar important functions that are not included in the base facility rental.


Rental Policies


Reservations & Billing: A security deposit of $500 is required to hold your date reservation.  One half (50%) of the rental fee is due at contract signing (to be executed within two weeks of your reservation being held). The remaining portion of the rental fee is due 180 days prior to the scheduled event date, or at the contract signing if the booking is made less than 180 days in advance of your event date. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis. Our published rates are subject to change without notice until a rental contract is executed.


Security Deposit: A $500 security deposit is required at the time of reservation. The security deposit will be refunded within thirty (30) days of your event, minus damages and cleanup charges if applicable.


Cancellation: Either party may cancel your event up to seven months (210 days) prior to the scheduled event date, in which case your entire rental fee will be refunded. You may cancel your event up to ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled event date, in which case half (50 percent) of the rental fees will be refunded. Cancellation of your event within any period less than 90 days from your event will result in your forfeiture of the entire rental fee.


Tents & Rain Planning: While tents are not included in the rental, we encourage clients with parties greater than 120 to include tents as part of their event production plans. The ranch is an outdoor-focused venue that is magical even when it’s raining, but additional covered space will never go unused. We’ll work with you to plan your tenting arrangements, and advise you as to what tents are acceptable and when they may be installed.


Clean Up: We will provide a dumpster for all non-recyclable, non-hazardous trash and discarded materials resulting from your event (including decorations) as long as your catering staff adheres to our recycling protocols. Large rental items may often be stored overnight for pickup in the early morning, but this arrangement requires our advance written consent. Any necessary cleanup charges will be deducted from the security deposit after the event.


Alcoholic Beverages: You may purchase in advance all the alcoholic beverages to be served at your event from the beverage vendor of your choice; your guests may NOT bring any outside alcohol whatsoever to the ranch premises. All Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission (TABC) laws must be followed while on the premises. All alcohol must be served by fully insured TABC-certified bartenders, and its service must end no later than 30 minutes prior to the event’s announced end. We recommend the courtesy of a parting coffee service for guests who will be driving.


Smoking: Smoking is allowed only in designated areas of the ranch. This policy is to limit the significant fire and litter risks associated with smoking.


Liability and Insurance: Rental clients are required to obtain and maintain proof of insurance for the duration of the event, including insurance from all contractors and vendors. Where your available policy of insurance is insufficient, we require the purchase of event liability insurance (through providers such as, which can add anywhere from $100-200 to the total rental cost but protects you in ways that you’ll appreciate.  Rental clients must agree to indemnify both Three Points Ranch Events LLC and the owners of the Three Points Ranch, and incur all responsibility for losses, actions, claims, damages or liabilities resulting from your event.

Saturday .....................................  $3,000 Friday & Saturday ......................  $2,000 

Monday - Thursday .......... request quote











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High Season

March to mid-June & September to December

Saturday ...............................  $4,000 

Friday & Sunday ..................  $3,000  

Monday - Thursday .....request quote










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Low Season

mid-June to August & January 2 to February